Monday, 7 March 2011

Please rate my story telling!!! Judge me, Judge me!

I have always loved books, the magic of a story, the thrill of a good book.  This is something that I have always loved, I have very fond memories indeed of both my parents reading to us from a very young age.  I hope (!) I am passing the same love of books and stories onto my children, I am certainly enjoying the ritual of reading to and with them.

I blogged about my love of books on World Book day last week HERE and my lovely mum has sent me the link to a talktalk competition that she thought I should enter.  Now, I must say, I LOVE reading stories to the children and the lure of being known as "Britain's Best Storyteller" definitely excites me!  Imagine dining out on that one for the rest of your life....

"I was Britain's best storyteller you know in 2011".....

However, I have just read the terms and conditions and it seems that to get into the final 10 you need votes.  So, dear readers, I am putting myself on a limb here, you can rate my story telling abilities out of 5.......

I would be honoured if you could please vote for me HERE

Thank you so much!


  1. Had a listen over breakfast! Very good. Can you read at my house? Only joking...I have voted. Good luck

  2. Hi - you should post your stories on this new website for some feedback


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