Tuesday, 1 March 2011


Pet Hates

This weeks topic is pet hates, if you want to join in then please click on the badge above.

1) Bad Manners

I cannot abide bad manners.  Whether this is in children or adults, a simple "please" "thank you" or even a smile makes all the difference.   DO IT.  Please ;-)  Whilst I am on the topic of manners, can you also please remember that we have two ears and one mouth, so listen 2x as much as you speak and don't interupt when others are talking.  When eating, close your mouth, chew your food and use proper cutlery.  Do not even attempt to give me supper on a lap, I like to sit at a table with proper cutlery.  Thank you.

2) Lateness

How on earth HAW and I ended up together and happily married is beyond me, I am a control freak whilst he is Mr chill.  His time is always "manana" whilst mine is bordering on the obsession of getting there 10 minutes early "just in case".   He drives me nuts daily, always in bed until the last possible moment, then running around disorganised, you get my drift.   I think it is incredibly rude to be late - FACT

3) Dirty Floors

I have lovely wooden floors throughout my house and I can't bear to see marks on them.  Not easy when you have 3 kids who despite taking their shoes off in the hall, still bring in all sorts of manner of dirt.  I like to see clean floors and hoover downstairs 2x a day.  I have just discovered a solution - a gtech sweeper.  You know those things your Granny used to have? Well it's an electric version and it's FANTASTIC!

4) Plastic Toys

Drive me NUTS, they are taking over my house and I can't wait to move and have a playroom so I can chuck all the toys in there, shut the door and ignore them.  Despite me putting an amnesty onto plastic toys for the past 2 years, the collection grows and grows.

5) Plug in Air fresheners.  They are awful.  They don't smell nice, they don't mask smells, they are overpowering.  If you can't afford decent candles (cheap candles as well are too overpowering) then pick some lavender, dry it and make your own pot pourri.  Or burn essential oils.  Natural and pleasant.

That is all, I could go on.........

Love Grumpy Old Woman


  1. Oh dear... you wouldn't do very well in my house... Hoover twice a day? Jesus... you're a better woman than I am! x

  2. Bad manners annoy me too! So really hope you don't think I'm being rude by tagging you for the This Is Me meme *looks up from under eyebrows* http://tinyurl.com/4nqumdu :D

  3. Back out the post slowly in case I leave a mess.

    Oops I may have left crumbs ;-)

  4. I got a good chuckle out of this.

    Number 1 is a huge sore point with me lol. Bad manners and hidden disabilities go hand in hand a lot of the time. Unfortunately, it's also one of my pet hates as well, so is TOTALLY frustrating to live with, as I have no choice but to live with it. I can soo understand you on that one.

    A bit like you being married to HAW and the lateness I would think lol. You don't like it, but don't have a choice but to accept it.

    Still chuckling. I liked this one. Will be doing it later.

  5. Loved this, very honest, so I made mine honest too!

  6. Control freak much?! I do know what you mean though - all of these annoy me - just not enough to hoover twice a day!

  7. All of these annoy me so much - infact bad manners made my list - but I don't vacuum twice a day :-O

    Laughed my ass off at the last one...my MIL uses them (she breeds dogs) and the house just stinks of shitty plug ins and dogs...yuck!

  8. 'Please say please and thank you. Thank you.'

    Just saw that the other day and shared it with the kids.

  9. Seriously, as much as I'd love to have you, don't EVER pop round mine for a cuppa...I'm lucky if I get the chance to hoover twice a week!


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