Friday, 11 March 2011

One Word Wonder

I've been tagged.   

Luckily it was a tag from the fabulous Kate at Kate Takes 5 who has been blogging for the same time as me.  We always have a giggle, namely at out inept facebook skills/html *stuff* and  end up having a glass of wine instead (I likey!).  Anyway, It's a goody because you all get to tell me what you *really* think of me. 

Aha, I thought you might like that, trouble is, you can only do it in one word, hence the "One Word Wonder".

The idea originated from the lovely Mummy from the Heart who says the following:

This got me thinking about an email I received a few years back, one of those circular things that I normally hate but this one I loved and have never forgotten.  It was about the power of positive affirmations and how knowing what positive things others think of you can boost your own self-esteem.  It talked of an inspirational teacher who got all her children to write one positive word down to describe the other children in the class and then they had to hand them in.  The teacher then collated all the positive words for each child into a special sheet for them and handed it to them to read and keep.  They learnt that their peers saw them in ways they had never imagined and it had an immense effect on them.  The story goes that one of them died and a number of them attended the funeral and it was found that they all still had their lists 20 or so years later as they had been really touched by this loving gesture.  Did this really happen?  Who knows, but I love the sentiment of this story and therefore it does not matter to me if it was real.
Well, what about if us bloggers and virtual friends did something similar?

So what are you waiting for?!  Let's spread some love........

Super Amazing Mum is......................................

I am tagging the following: @Manicmum4, @helloitsgemma, @fastandluce @dulwichmum @msalliance @honestmummy @cafebebe @amodernmother @aresidence @relaxkids @mostlyyummy @helloitswendy @choc0range @mmelindor @alysonsblog

Please feel free to spread the love, remember kids, make love not war.

Peace and Love

SAM xx


  1. Not sure if you are gonna like this, but it is meant in the best way possible! Nutty!

    Mich x

  2. amusing :)
    (I am laughing WITH you, not AT you - just to confirm ;P )

  3. Ha Ha Ha - I'll take Nutty, I'm in good company!

  4. Full-On! I used a it only counts as one word not two!! xxx

  5. SUPERcalifragilisticexpialidocious!! (Inexhaustibly enthusiastic are 2 more!) C

  6. This is very funny, I hope you are all going to do this so I can comment on your blogs...

    It's starting to sound like my school reports of old:

    "SAM is an enthusiastic member of the class who needs to rein in her behaviour as sometimes she is so full on. She finds herself amusing and distracts others but should toe the line if she is to succeed in life"

  7. Drink-obsessed (and therefore my friend).

  8. Funny!

    Love the school report, feel like I know you even better now :)

  9. I first thought of "ditzy" in the way that you think of Goldie Hawn, then I remembered the routine queen and now I ponder.

  10. Just found you but to call yourself Super Amazing Mum, you've got be pretty awesome!! Love Posie

  11. My sisters teacher did the positive comment for an end of year card. She got everyone in the class to write one nice anonymous thing about everyone and she wrote them up in a card for each pupil. It was one of the loveliest things I have ever seen. I was so proud to see people thought these things about my sister.

    Anyhoo SAM, you never use one word and yet you put this limit on us, not fair!!

    So, my word for you is: effervescent (oh, I needed google to help me get the right description but I am very pleased with that one!)

  12. Thanks so much for including me on this. I think there is another side to you that's not been covered, I think you are 'centred'. Sorry if that's a boring one, but I reckon it's a very good way to be ;)

  13. you know what, i am going to say 'thoughtful' because it strikes me that you look out for others, you have been there to help by rocky ride into twitterdom, so there you go, my experience of you is that i find you a caring and thoughtful person.

    and nutty, but u can go with the first offer if u want!!!

    see ya soon, love tams xx

    ps really enjoyed that blog! so i am to do it now then...scary, the blog pressure...!!

  14. Thanks foR the tag! I'm a bit behind on these things, but it's on my list.

  15. Eloquent. Your posts are so well written, with a level of detail that draws you into the experience.


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