Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Naked Saunas, White outs and Igloos!

Hello lovely people,

I have just spent a crazy 5 days with HAW in Germany.  We left London on the red eye from Gatwick and were in Munich by 9am,  We collected our hire car ready for a 2 hour drive to the Mountains.  The plan was to ski for 2 days and then chill in Munich for another 2 days.

By the time we had got to Eibsse Lake the weather was pants: grey, rainy and so, so cold.  We took the cable up to the top and by the time we got there, visibility was zero and HAW had altitude sickness.


There was zero chance of skiing so we had no choice but to go for some apres ski action.  We had a lovely lunch with vin chaud and beer and met the rest of our group who were also staying in the igloo village.  The village is built into the top of the mountain and has around 10 igloos that are all connected with a central bar and dining area.  It was built into the mountain and was truly magical.  Have a look here Igloo Village for inspiration.  

We went to "our" igloo which had a snow bed with furs and a double survival sleeping bag.  It was very pretty to look at but I was already cold by this point.  We went to the bar, met the rest of the occupants (all German) and settled down for some Vin Chaud and a cheese fondue.

We LOVE a fondue but it was serious cheese overload so we swiftly moved back to the bar where we were given shots of "Willie". (Still don't know what that is).  The night then went a bit mental.....Germans as you know LOVE their Rock music and were all rocking out to lots of cheesy soft rock whilst getting quite drunk. 

There was nothing to do but join in!!  I LOVE this video so,so much, rocking out to Wild Boys, it still makes me laugh out loud watching it......


After a jacuzzi to warm up (we spoke about English vs German chavs, very weird) HAW and I retired to our igloo to sleep.    It was the strangest experience ever, HAW had indulged in to much fondue and was letting of cheesy trumps which was doing my head in as we were stuck into a double survival sleeping bag.  We were both struggling to sleep at this altitude and we had to seriously talk me out of a panic attack (haven't had one for years and was very scary).  At one point I was hallucinating and talking to my old school teacher but at the same time I knew it was nonsense...WEIRD!

We slept fitfully and at 7am we were the first at the door ready to leave the village for a day of skiing!

So, the question is, would I recommend it?! Absolutely, there are not many people who could say that they have slept on Germany's highest mountain in an igloo whilst drinking shots of Willie and dancing to soft rock with Germans before having a naked sauna!

Just another crazy escapade in the rich tapestry of  our life! 

If you enjoyed this, just wait until Part 2 coming shortly!!

Love S.A.M



  1. Wow - sounds quite an experience! Can't wait for the second installment.

  2. Haha. part 2 sounds like it might be just as funny. Did laugh at your signing tho. pmsl

  3. What a unique experience. I'm really enjoying reading your blog!

  4. loving hearing 'Wild Boys' with the German accents! sounds like a trip with a difference!

  5. Ha Ha Sharon, it was hysterical!


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