Friday, 4 March 2011

More painful than childbirth??

Yesterday I spent the day assuming I had a S+D virus, Pixie had been sick the night before and so when I got stabbing pains/cramps in my left side, I thought I was getting a virus as well.


By 5pm I was doubled up in pain, I got the kids into bed, took some very strong painkillers and tweeted and blogged.  HAW was at a work do, some launch or the other and so I wanted a early night.  I had been drinking lots of water throughout the day and as I was going up to bed I realised I hadn't peeded very much.

I drank a pint and watched and waited as the pain got worse.  I spoke to HAW who was just about to jump on the tube, in the meantime, I called the out of service Dr who said I needed to see someone right away.

Luckily my parents are close by and so my wonderful mum came over to watch the kids whilst I went to A+E.  how I drove there I have no idea, by this time I was doubled up in agony.  I was seen straight away, a urine sample was taken, and I was diagnoised with Kidney Stones.

Treatment nowadays is to pee them out with pain management and anti inflamatory and antibiotics to prevent infection.   I got home and was sick, the pain was unbearable and HAW bless his cotton "drunk" socks was about as useful as a chocolate teapot.  He tried his best but I was so irratable and restless (quite common so google has since told us).

I don't know if any of you have experienced kidney stones but the pain is worse than childbirth.  It really, truly is and at around 2am we called the hospital, a Dr came out pretty quickly and administered a shot of something (morphine/tremasomething) that within 10 mins took the edge of the pain.

I am still in agony, still waiting to pass these goddamn stones, and if they haven't come out in the next 2 days I need to go into hospital to have them out.

Bah humbug.  very pissed off SAM.


  1. oh how horrible, I have everything crossed for you and hope the pain goes away SOON xxx

  2. thank you so much, it's about trying to manage the pain.....

  3. Lots of 'pee the stones' vibes heading your way. I had a suspected gall stone a couple of years ago and the pain was unbelievable.

  4. Hope it stops soon - sounds awful.

  5. Sounds dreadful. I winced all the way through that.hope the little buggers come out sooner rather than later.

  6. Eek, how awful for you SAM. Sorry to hear this. I really hope it's over for you soon x

  7. What an awful experience,I hope that there are out soon

  8. as mentioned on Twitter I had kidney stones when I was 14 weeks pregnant with the little one. The only thing I could safely take was paracetamol. I was counting the seconds until the next dose, constantly sobbing and being sick.
    The pain seemed to come from nowhere. One second I was saying I was uncomfortable, the next minute I was in pure agony and begging the hubby to help.
    I spent about 3 days in hospital and was then sent home in the same level of agony with a bucketful of soluble paracetamol ( I love that so much!!)
    I think it took about a week for the horrendous pain to go (assume I passed them but didn't notice) and then was 'bruised' for a week or two after but able to breath.
    A scan a couple of weeks later showed I was clear. I hope they pass soon

  9. hope you're better soon - it sounds like the most unpleasant experience. big hugs! x

  10. What the hell are they anyway? You poor poor thing! Big hugs to you girl - sounds bloody awful! x

  11. Oh dear. Anything worse than childbirth sounds pretty bad to me. Hope you are all recovered now!

  12. last night, i felt your pain...and OMG it is like giving birth without the joys of big boobs and a cute lil babba to make it all worth least i am home safe and sound now and god, that was intense....! xxx


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