Monday, 7 March 2011

Listography - take 5 children's books....

Goodness me, what a week of blogging about literature.  Firstly, I blogged about world book day Here and then earlier today (yes another post on the same day, impressed?!) I blogged my story telling abilities (or not) Here.

Now the lovely Kate at katetakes5 has decided that this weeks topic for Listography is 5 favourite children's books. 

In no particular order, here are mine (not the kids, mine I tell you!)

1) Where the Wild Things Are - I LOVED this as a child and it's not surprise what my eldest darling son is called!  Yes, inspired by my love of this book.

2) Any of the Enid Blyton St Clare's books - I wanted to be a twin, I wanted to go to boarding school.  Instead I had a younger brother and went to a little prep school with not a hope in hell of boarding!

3) Piggly's Play Truant - utterly transfixed me as a child, the fact that they skipped school.  I was such a goody goody I enjoyed their naughtiness!  I am re-reading this with the boys and they love it as well.

4) The folk of the faraway tree - Another Enid Blyton CLASSIC.  If you haven't read this, then please, please do.  Beau Bo is enraptured by the goings on of moonface at the age of 4.

5) Peepo - Pixie LOVES this and I had forgotten how good it is - it's also beautifully illustrated with lots to look for.  We both adore this.

Love and Peace



  1. Been meaning to get no.5 for years! Love the wild things too. x

  2. The Folk and the Faraway Tree! I loved those books so much. I still have them tucked away, all weathered looking after being handed down from my sister. I saw them in a bookshop a while back and got excited, sad isn't it? :-( x

  3. I used to love those Ladybird books! Really retro xxx

  4. What a brilliant list! I had forgotten about Where The Wild THings Are and am disappointed in myself. Stuff waiting for a birthday, going to buy that now!

    Was a huge childhood Blyton fan too, can't wait til my girls are old enough to read them! Happy days!

  5. @ Wendy I have over 20 vintage ladybird book left over from my childhood and also that I have rescued from charity shops!

  6. I love "Where the Wild Things Are" & "The Folk of the Faraway Tree". I've still got Ladybird Books & Rupert the Bear from the 70's :)

  7. oh you have listed your favourites brilliant! i used to enjoy reading so many Enid Blyton books, Famous Five, Malory Towers, Noddy etc...great childhood memories now :)
    lovely list

  8. Enid was hugely disapproved of in my house, mum thought she was sexist, and racist. But them being disapproved of made me crave them even more. A real rite of passage, can you believe they are modernising Blyton's language to make it make more sense to modern readers? Outrageous. (Apart from the sexism/racism of course, that needs modernising)

  9. Oh, I love Peepo so much! My Granddad (who is 80 next month) loves reading it to my kids as it reminds him of his childhood. But I have to say, I liked Mallory Towers better than St Clares. ;)


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