Monday, 7 March 2011

Kidney Stones - an unusual cure!

Last Thursday I woke up in a FABULOUS mood, I had my shower, put on my slap and was just getting the kids ready for school when I dropped my cup of tea as I was suddenly doubled up in agony.

You can read about that day Here but the long and the short of it is I have kidney stones.

I have spent the weekend in pain, in bed, tweeting on my ipad and watching iplayer whilst HAW has taken over (and although the house is so, so messy, he did an awesome job).

I had an appointment today with the Dr to discuss the next move.  I was still in pain and they hadn't passed. 

HAW did the school run and was taking to one of the other dads who told him about a natural remedy to cure the stones.  If anyone else had told me this I would have poo-pooed it but this dad knows kidneys as had gone through a lot. (not my story to tell).

Here is his remedy (you can also google this, pages and pages of people agree!)

6 cans of full fat coke
packet of asparagus

You basically drink 1 can of coke every 20 mins and then after the last can, you eat the asparagus in a soup form. 

The science behind this was that the acid in the coke would break down the stones and the asparagus would act as a diuretic.

The pain was so intense I thought I would give it a go.  Drinking that much coke was hard.  I was belching like a Brit in benidorm and was so bloated.  It was difficult I have to admit.  When it was time for the asparagus, I was ready for some goodness:

I downed that followed by some water and waited.   Within 20 minutes I could feel something happening, I went to the loo and nothing.  I carried on drinking water and during the next 5 hours, peed out tiny granules. 

Unbelievably, I am now pain free!!! 

I still cannot believe that this worked but if anyone is suffering from the same agonising ailment, please, please give this a go.  I couldn't believe the almost immediate relief!

Peace and Love



  1. Dad gets kidney stones..last big episode was on the plane out to oz to see my brother; was second leg of the journey (from hong kon?) when attack happened. Flight crew gave him oral pain killers, but he ended up going straight to hosp on landing, so first look at down u der was a hospital bed, under influence of morphine and throwing up. Lovely! Has yearly reviews now, but fortunately all clear at the mo. If he has another bout I shall pass this remedy on to him...if he can stomach it!

  2. Ouch, ouch and double ouch. My mum suffers with them too and it's absolutely awful. She's been in and out of hospital. She now has a special diet but I don't think coke would be in there. However, she loves asparagus, I'll mention that to her. Thanks for the advice and informative post.

    And hope you are okay, keep us posted. CJ xx

  3. No way! Who'd have thunk it? Glad it did the job, 'mazin.

  4. I wish I'd known this when I had them but will defo bear it in mind. Coke makes me sick but I could handle that if the stones were gone. I assume you cooked the asparagus?

  5. One of my friend suggested my the idea of getting simple on kind of juice and some thing else and now I got this one. I would love to try for my husband. He has been in kidney stone diet course and getting good response as well. After getting the above tips, his kidney stones will be eliminated. Thanks much for sharing this.


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