Monday, 28 March 2011

The Future??

Every night before we go to bed, we go into each of the kids bedrooms to give them a final kiss and cuddle.  This is what greeted us in each case last night, is this a sign of future dreams/aspirations/jobs?  Will I have a showjumper and Wildlife Expert/fashion designer (it was my Louis Vuitton after all!) and Rugby Superstar????

Pixie, aged 2 with lollypop the pony

Beau Bo aged 4 with a Louis Vuitton scarf and vintage lion

Beansy aged 7 wearing his Rugby kit and with a book!

I'll love to show them this in 30 years time to see what their current dreams have lead them to!

Peace and Love



  1. ahhhh what super memories!!

    they all look so angelic when they're asleep don't they? who'd a thunk it??!

    big love xxx ps u found a cartoon picci yet?

    tamsyn xxx

  2. NOOO!!!! Been trawling the sites, no joy.....your whole blog is looking LUVVEERRLLY Tams, I have blog envy!!!!!!!

  3. What a lovely idea! Will wait a year or two and am going to do exactly the same! What a gorgeous memory treasure you have created! x

  4. So gorgeous -love that their character come out even in their sleep!

  5. Oh boy! I vowed never to feel broody in my life. Think you may just have scuppered that! Absolutely gorgeous.

    CJ xx

  6. What a fantastic idea, and so lovely to look back on :)

  7. Yeah, I really like that too.
    Lovely blog.
    And your blog looks lovely too, though I agree Manic Mums is something pretty special!

  8. Gorgeous, and your blog is looking pretty fly too

  9. I'm seeing your Louis Vuitton scarf and upping you some Louboutins. As soon as the girls won't stab themselves with the heels...


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