Tuesday, 8 March 2011


There are some products that should be handed out to all parents on the way out of the hospital.  The all new design Buggysnuggle is one of them!

The new design Buggysnuggle, a footmuff for pushchairs. Fits almost all pushchairs, comes in 40+ fabric designs, is very easy to fit, the top can be zipped off for use in warmer weather and the zips open at the bottom allowing muddy feet to stick out.

I have been a fan since I inherited one from my sister in law about seven years ago which has stood the test of time on all my buggies across the world.  It had been skiing in the alps, hot to trot in the Maldives (obviously unzipped) and on numerous trips out and about.  It was admittedly getting a bit grubby so when we were offered the chance to review the all new design Buggysnuggle, I jumped at the chance.

We were sent the funky cow design which suited my little moo very well!  It also went beautifully with my Mountain Buggy which any style conscious mother wants.   Pixie was so excited and couldn't wait to get into her buggy:

We have been road testing this now for around 3 weeks.  Everything about it is great from the lovely, soft fur (faux of course) but the biggest improvement from the original  is the fact that the zip opens at the bottom so muddy feet can stick out!  This was something that used to really grate me about the old style design, but even if it does get muddy it is washable and quick drying which is an absolute must if you are a heavy buggy user.

 I also LOVE the new addition of a hand warmer pocket at the front although Pixie has been using this to put her toy phone and dolly in.

The buggysnuggle comes in several different designs from hearts and flowers to stars and stripes and you can now accessorise with matching hats and blankets.  They are also nice and roomy and easy to fit on all sorts of buggies thanks to the elasticated back and one size fits all strap insertions.

I'll leave the final word to Pixie - when I asked her what she thought about her new buggysnuggle, this is waht she did :

*MWAH* and that gets my seal of approval!


  1. Love my moo cow buggy snuggle too! Has now been through 5 children and still going strong!

    @birthaffinity x

  2. They are fab aren't they! Our original one had done 2 cousins and my 3....I'll pass this new one back to the new little cousins once Pixie has finished with it!! Although saying, that she keeps saying "want moo moo blankie"

  3. She is gorgeous and seems like a wonderful product x

  4. honestly Liska it is fab! Lasts forver, looks fab and keeps little ones warm!

  5. ooh that looks so snuggly! And really love the design!

  6. Ohhhh how gorgeous. We love ours too. We have a stripey one that Mr C chose by himself. They make you want to climb in for a snooze yourselfxx

  7. beautiful design-one of my favourite :)


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