Thursday, 31 March 2011

A bedtime lullaby

Seeing as my last post was my angels with dirty faces asleep, it lead me to think that I really need to write down our bedtime lullaby in case we all forget it in years to come.

Firstly, I must explain, my lovely mum always used to stroke my hair whilst singing (or rather La, La, La-ing) along to the beautiful Brahms Lullaby it is a piece of music that makes my feel so happy and secure and I found myself doing exactly the same thing to Beansy when he was a tiny baby (funny how we all turn into our parents the minute we have kids, that's a whole other blog post!).

As he got older and I was La, La La-ing away, he used to say "words Mama, words" and so it evolved that the following words (I will not use the word singing, have you heard my voice?!) accompanied this lovely piece of music:

"Go to sleep, Beansy Beans, go to sleep little Beansy
Mummy loves you, very much,
you're the best boy in the world
I love you, yes I do, you're the gorgeous Beansy Beans,
I love you, yes I do, you're the best boy in the world"

This has evolved over the years to include Beau Bo and Pixie and now is in family folklore.  It's a ritual that now comforts my kids and they all want their lullaby!

What's your bedtime rituals??


  1. Mine involve a little more yelling of 'bed now' your sound much more pleasant!


  2. When D was very young I tried to rock and sing him to sleep. Most of the time he just laughed at me. Now he's older and we have some semblance of of a bedtime routine (maybe that should be sequence) after bed, teeth and potty it's lots of reading. Somewhere between one and three books depending on how long they are.

  3. Awww, that sounds so sweet and lovely.

    Ours starts downstairs with the CBeebies bedtime song, which EVERYONE must join in with. Grandparents, friends, whoever must sing along or they get the Babyzoid accusing glare.

    In the cot we twang her musical mobile bar a few times before either reading a baby book or 2 or (well, she grabs them and hurls them around a bit) before giving her 3 dummies (one for mouth, one for each hand) before switching on her musical light and singing along with the first verse before retucking her in and giving lots of hugs and kisses.

    Can't wait til she'll let us read proper stories to her! xx

  4. Loved this so much I wrote my own post
    Hope you like it!

  5. my kids make me tell them stories..i am completely rubbish, but they seem to be transfixed!!!

    i keep ploughing away, telling them the most dreadful stories in the world, but they seem to love it!!

    lovely post
    xxxx see u soon girl xxxxx

  6. Nothing in the world comforts my eldest like the 'Baby mine' lullaby (from Dumbo). Such a wonderful feeling - to provide comfort to the little'ns that way. Mentioned you in a recent post by the way:


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