Thursday, 24 February 2011

Soundtrack of my life....

Firstly, I apologise if you are reading this and have tagged me and I haven't responded, I would love to have the time to do every tag I get, but I just don't have the time with running my own business and the kids.  I have every intention of doing so but not enough hours in the day.  I know a lot of you are the same, so I won't feel offended if you don't have time either!!  However, this is a goody and I am in the mood for music!  I have been tagged by Mothers Always Right and her list made me smile.

Here is a selection of music that has defined periods of my life (note my favourite songs but defining ones)

I have very vivid memories of singing this as a 4 year old on a family picnic and dancing my little socks off.  I still absolutely LOVE this and have just played it to me kids who must have great taste as they have said "again, again"  It has such a lovely appeal and more than 30 years later still sounds fresh!

Summary: My 1st music memory

I was (still am) a massive Madonna fan and was very good (Bossy) at organising all the other girls in the class at school into lines whilst I taught them a routine.   By this stage in my life I was heavily involved in dance and drama and so knew all the routines.  We laugh about my bossiness and obsession now with Madonna on facebook (how very modern) as a lot of my junior school friends are all over the world.  I was a real task master until we had it perfect!  How they put up with it I don't know.

Summary: Reminds me of lovely friends I still have some 30 years later (gulp)

This is the song I had my first ever "proper" kiss to. I had fancied the boy in question for weeks and we had had a few pecks on the cheek.  We used to have a great under 18 Disco called the Ace that was run by the local police and the aim was always to get a slow dance and kiss with the boy you fancied!  I still smile when I hear this now

Summary: 1st Kiss

If you were there, you'll love this.

Summary: Freedom!

By the time this came out, I was well established in TV advertising and living a great life flying across the world.  I met one of my best friends in 1994 when she came to work for the TV station I was working for and we used to have the most fantastic girlies holidays - this was always on our tape deck!

Summary: Hot Summers/Great friends/Great job/Great memories

Reminds me of HAW.  We have been together for 12 years and have been on a musical journey together.  His music tastes are far more sophisticated than mine, he was all Bowie where I was all Wham, he was all Beatles whilst I was all Take That.  He was also a trance DJ in Edinburgh whist at Uni and has so much vinyl it's ridiculous.  We have been re-discovering lots of great, great bands together. 

Summary: Many a Saturday night spent mixing it up with wine and HAW re-discovering great music.

As I have said, this is music that has defined periods of my life, not my favourite music (must blog about that) but all of these tunes bring a smile to my face for various reasons.

I am tagging the following, join in if you have time @helloitgemma (always!) @choc0range @fastandluce @manicmum4 @cosmicgirlie @honestmum @bangsandabun @bigfashionista @Iamubermummy @katetakes5

Peace and Love xx


  1. I'm gonna do it..Any day now...Promise.

  2. Those tracks are taking me back :)

  3. Just wanted to chip in here to say 'Get in to the Groove' takes me right back to one amazing summer with a friend who I still couldn't be without today.

    And as for Wonderwall... takes me back to a time I am less proud of *toes curling*

  4. love the new look! i am pleased to be back on the blog thing! been too long!

    your list made me laugh lots! i so remember all these songs, i especially love wonderwall, still do! in fact i was singing brown girl in the ring with my lot the other day.

    how's it all going? you sound hectic as ever...omg i've just seen all your followers! the first time a i looked you had 15 i think, and now look at you! in the hundreds!! nice work!

    well, i shall get on, been a long few months, but am pleased to be on the other side, and i need a cuppa!

    catch up soon, lots of love, tamsyn x

  5. oh, i missed the taggy bit! and i am there- i will get onto that, although usually takes me a good week to accomplish the smallest of tasks...! so don't hold your breath! xx


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