Saturday, 26 February 2011

The day I met a Rolling Stone......

HAW launched a London Newspaper in 2005.  It's called City AM and is going very, very well (so proud of him!).  Part of his job involves client entertaining and we have been to so many amazing events as a couple and as a family on the back of this - today he is at Kempton Park and then we are picking him up to go to Twickenham for the Rugby.  It is a very charmed life and we are very lucky.

Thursday saw us at the 02 for the Gaucho International Polo.  I have been fortunate in my time to go to a fair few polo events and I love them for a number of reasons.  Firstly, as a spectator sport, it is simply wonderful - it is fast, dangerous and exciting.  It's also quite short with four chukkas per game and did I mention the wonderfully fit men in tight trousers?   

We got to the 02 and had a wonderful 5 course lunch at the Gaucho which if you love a good steak is heaven on a plate.  We then went into the arena and were treated to some excellent polo with an utterly thrilling final which saw England win by 1 goal. 

However, as much as I love the game, something else happened to me that totally made my year.  I met not one, but two members of the Rolling Stones! 

Now I like to think I am quite a cool chick (ha ha) but on spotting Ronnie Wood and Charlie Watts, I rushed over said "oh my goodness, you two are legends, absolute legends, I am totally star struck" (yep, I really did) and they were amazing!  We had a lovely, lovely chat for near on an hour (oh my goodness what they told me!) about all sorts of things and although Charlie was slightly more reserved, they were both charm personified.

Not only are they great musicians, they are humble, charming and true gentlemen.


  1. Wow what an experience! Very jealous!

  2. Wowsers.
    Before maternity I used to work in the City and picked up City A.M.

  3. oh you're just too cool for us now, hanging wiv s'lebs!! Good for you. Now, you will let me know if you're ever going to be at a do where Take That are present, won't you? Pretty please?!

  4. Ok so Rolling Stones definitley beat my celeb experience this week ;-)


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