Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Toilet Tuesday - Oh ground please swallow me up....

The gorgeous Wendy at Inside the Wendy House has come up with an ingenious meme.  It's childish, it's funny, it's vulgar, it's embarrassing and it's right up my street.   She has christened it Toilet Tuesday and it is just that, anything that is vulgar or shameful that you really, well shouldn't be broadcasting but just can't help yourself

Here is my contribution (and I can't believe I am doing this Wendy, a tweet is fine but a blog - eek!)

Four years ago my lovely Beansy and I were in Waitrose doing the weekly shop, he loves to help and was happily putting items onto the check out, giving me a running commentary as we go along, you know the sort of thing:

"Yummy, grapes mummy"
"I like these biscuits"

I was busying myself with the packaging away, when all of a sudden I heard his loud (very loud) but sweet little voice say "Oh look Mummy, it's those things that you put up your Noonie"

I'll leave you to guess what he was holding up for all to see but it starts with a T and ends with an X.

Remind me never to take part in this again, or else I will have to share the story of the pigeon ejaculating on my head!!!


  1. This is all therapy...we've all been in these awful positions with our kids and the time has come to let go and share our shame! We now all know we are not alone! This is a one off linky...but ejaculating pigeons most definitely sound interesting!

  2. How funny! I'm not looking forward to my boy getting to that stage!

    You can't tease us with a snippet of information like ejaculating pigeons and not follow it up....

  3. hehe, brilliant :D

    And I agree with Emma & Wendy - regardless of whether it's a one-off linky, you have to tell us about the ejaculating penguin. I'm too intrigued to never be told. x

  4. Ha ha! Made me laugh. Little darlings - they are sent to try us aren't they?! Still, our revenge will come in the form of their own children (or so my mother tells me everytime one of my two embarrasses me in public!!)Pigeons are evil - that's all I have to say about that!!

  5. I'm on a major blog catch-up at the moment. I'm so glad you posted your noonie story :)


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