Monday, 17 January 2011

Spread some Love.....Blue Monday 2011

Today has been named the most miserable day of the year, triggered by bad weather, money worries and failed resolutions.  I concur that I was feeling pretty hacked off today, the school run was wet, my kids were fractious and the house is a tip.  Oh deep joy, a day spent doing housework, ironing, washing and cleaning, just what the doctor ordered to make me feel special. Not.

Then the postman knocked, he gave me a package from Canada and went back out into the grey, rainy, miserable morning.  I have only just opened it but the sentiment behind the package has cheered me up no end. 

It was a book called RUT from Concord Free Press that I read and applied for just before Christmas.  The philosophy is simple, they will send you a free bestseller and all they ask you do is to give some money to a group you support or someone in need.  Where and how much you give - that's completely up to you.  You then track your donation on their website and pass the book along to another reader.   It's all about inspiring generosity.

It's a simple but powerful concept and an ongoing experiment in publishing.

Why not help share the love?


  1. i am glad your day got better, sounds like my day every day however i try and smile through it,

  2. I love the ethos of this site, just checked it out and I'm definitely going to do it. thanks for sharing!

  3. What a brilliant idea! I'm trying to brighten Blue Monday up too with a little bit of love on my blog.

  4. Great idea - love supporting good causes and creative ideas so this combines both.
    I had a great start to the day but then got locked out of the house with my elderly dad, lost a cat, had the usual mountains of housework to do (again!)
    Looking forward to bedtime and tomorrow

  5. I love the idea of books doing the rounds. I know my old copy of Middlesex now has about twenty names in the front cover after I left my Name and email in it and passed it to a friend.
    Hope your week continues to get better :)

  6. Oh what a wonderful idea Penny! Shall I pass my book onto you???? (no pressure)

  7. I wondered what was going on yesterday!


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