Tuesday, 25 January 2011

BlanX - Intensive Whitening Treatment - a review Part 1

I am very excited to have been asked to review the BlanX tooth whitening range.  I have to say, I am very proud of my teeth which although rather on the large side are relatively straight and cavity free.  However, I have recently noticed that they are not quite as pearly white as they once were, something I blame on my daily consumption of tea, coffee and red wine.   

I have used tooth whitening toothpaste in the past and not noticed a difference so I am keen to see if this is the product I have been searching for.

I hadn't heard of BlanX before but I love the story behind the brand.   The key ingredient in BlanX  is Arctic Lichen which was discovered by a team of American scientists during an expedition to the Arctic.  The team noticed that the native population had extraordinarily white and healthy teeth, and  further research showed that all they did was rub their teeth with lichen that grew nearby.

Italian researchers then investigated this lichen and isolated the active ingredients responsible for the whitening effect. From this, BlanX created a range that is unique in its effectiveness and protection, based on the natural ingredients derived from the Arctic Lichen.   

So far, so good,  it's natural, it doesn't damage enamel and it has a minty taste.

I have been sent the whole range to try, so first up is the intensive whitening treatment which you use 2x  day for 2 weeks.   I am already on Day 6 and can see a difference.  There is a handy BlanXometer included in each pack which indicates the level of staining currently on your teeth.  It's a bit like a paint colour chart with varying degrees of tooth colour from hollywood white (I wish) to builders tea brown (yuck). 

I'll let you know how I get on, but so far, so good, it's natural, it doesn't damage enamel and it has a fresh and minty taste. 

I am definately on the way to whiter teeth, now where did I put that toothbrush??


  1. Interested to read how your experiment goes - years of red wine, coffee and tea not doing my teeth any favours either. And as for breast feeding - think it completely ruined any pearly whiteness I may have once had (although I'd still recommend it to everyone, of course :-))

  2. Thanks for commenting Heather! Now, that's a very interesting concept re Breastfeeding, I have spent the last 5 years out of 7 nursing the kids, what is the theory behind that as I would say that's when my teeth first lost their whiteness???

    Curious and Curiouser....

  3. Nice post! It’s great that the product doesn’t
    damage the enamel. I use Stella white pen myself and its peroxide free and a
    lot better than Crest for example :)


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