Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Win a beautiful bespoke necklace or bracelet of your choice!

December is the busiest month in my work calendar and  I attend many events in the hope of drumming up new business.  The days are long and often cold and regardless of where you are, you will always build up a camaraderie with other exhibitors, often minding each others stalls whilst you pop to the loo or grab a bite to eat.

At one such event, I had the pleasure of being next to the lovely Beatrice  from Merci Maman.   Beatrice set the business up in 2007 with the aim of creating charming, unique and personalised gifts for the entire family.  I was particularly struck by the expert craftsmanship and passion that Beatrice has for her business.  I was enthralled by the beautiful charm bracelets and necklaces presented on a simple waxed cotton braid in the colour of your choice.    The clincher for me, was the fact you could inscribe what you like!

Rather than go for the obvious, I decided to have the children's nicknames inscribed onto the heart shaped discs (you can personalise this further as lots of different shapes available). 

A few days after my order was placed, the lariat arrived in a beautiful presentation box and I immediately loved the simplicity and charm of the necklace.  The fact that their personalised charm bracelets are hand engraved adds to the uniqueness and I have already had lots of compliments. 

If you would like to win a personalised bracelet or necklace (you choose) please do the following:

1) Follow my blog and tell me what "Merci Maman" means in English
2) Go on over to the Merci Maman website and tell me what your favourite item is.
3) Please make sure you follow @superamazingmum and @mercimamangifts on twitter

Please leave me a comment below to tell me what you have done and how best to contact you if you win!

For one extra entry you can tweet: #Win personalised jewellery with @superamazingmum and @mercimamangifts RT and follow to enter
Please, one entry per person
If you win, you must respond within 24 hours otherwise we will have to choose another winner
UK Only
Ends Monday 10th of January

Bon Chance!!


  1. It means "thank you mother"
    i follow ur blog and twitter anyway
    am now following @mercimamangifts
    tweeted from @v82chris and commented too x
    can be contacted at v82chris@aol.com if im lucky enough x

  2. i love the little directors chair <3 how cute x

  3. I like the personalised keyring - great idea!

    Follow your blog & you on twitter already.
    Have tweeted the comp for you too.

  4. It means "Thank you, Mother"

    My favourite item is the open disc pendant and bracelet - so unusual!

    I already Tweet you (as you know!) and I subscribe to your blog. I'm now following @mercimamangifts also.

    I am heading over to Tweet for my extra entry! Twitter is probably the best way to get hold of me :D

  5. I follow on twitter as @Kahanka, and on GFC as well ;)
    It means "Thank you, Mother" and I love the Children's Personalised Charm Bracelet - Heart Medal ;))) They are all beautiful!

  6. It means "Thank you, Mother"
    Have done steps 1,2 AND 3
    Also tweeted as @CHOCOAJ

    Oh and i love the children's director's chair xx

  7. It means 'Thank you mother'

    I love Mummy's Personalised Long Charm Necklace

    I follow your blog as Jude Dunn

    Following you both on twitter as @jadlgw

    Have RT'd

    What a beautiful giveaway xxx

  8. What beautiful pieces!

    Merci Maman = Thank you Mum
    I follow you on Google Connect
    I follow you and MerciMamanGifts on Twitter
    My favourite is the Mummy's Personalised Charm Necklace - Heart Medals

    I have tweeted too!
    thanks! Maria @verybusymama xx

  9. Thankyou Mummy
    I already follow on RSS and Twitter and I would adore one of these it would be a perfect momento of my mums and something I can wear close to my heart when I am missing her.

    I love the large round pendand

  10. It means thank you mother. I like the disc pendant and bracelet. I follow the blog and will try to follow on twitter x x x

  11. It means "Thank you, Mother"
    I love Mummy's Personalised Charm Necklace - Heart Medals
    I follow you on Google Friend Connect (Marzena Szymborska)
    I follow you and MerciMamanGifts on Twitter
    as @marzutek


  12. tweeted as @marzutek



  13. Hi there - It translates as 'Thank you Mum'

  14. Checked out the website and have fallen in love with Daddy's Personalised Bracelet ! Would love to get my husband one of these as we have just had a baby x

  15. Following you both on Twitter and retweeted the comp as @Bobbity666

  16. Following your blog as Lou Strachan but commenting from my blog profile of www.bloggomy.blogspot.com

  17. Thank you mother!
    Following blog,
    Following both on Twitter, and retweeted msg as @dubaiwriter
    LOVE the long mummy charm necklace!
    email on info@mamavents.com

  18. Thanks mum!
    Following both of you on Twitter (@sandycalico)
    LOVE the charm bracelets.
    Following your blog in Google Reader

  19. Hello! Right, I've done:
    the twitter following,
    checked out the website and like the open disc pendant,
    am now following your blog!
    Oh, and Merci Maman means, Thanks Mum!! :)

  20. Love the personalised children's bag - so useful and cute too. Following you both as @ericahughes on twitter and collowing the blog. Merci Maman means Thank you Mummy.

  21. Thank You Mummy
    Loving the Mummy's Personalised Long Charm Necklace.
    Following you now :)
    Can be contacted on thepixiespocket@yahoo.co.uk

  22. Wow! What a fabulous website. I love the personalised gifts but more the knowledge of the company and who is part of such a wonderful gift. A dear friend of mine is due to give birth in 6 weeks and I would very much love to gift the Mummy's Personalised Long Charm Necklace to her as it has been such a struggle and difficult past year or so and I know that she would just love it! Following your blog, which I've already recommended to this friend too l. I'm on twitter at notnowjeevs or can be contacted at ljgarratt@gmail.com. Thanks for this opportunity.

  23. it means 'Thank you mother'

    my fav item is the Mummy's Personalised Charm Bracelet.

    followed @superamazingmum and @mercimamangifts on twitter.

    tweeted as @Jaz246t can contact me on this too

  24. Translates as Thankyou Mummy, what lovely gifts, really enjoying your blog have followed and will mention to all the pre-school Mums, I can be contacted at janielake@gmail.com I love the personalised disc pendant.

  25. Im am following , it means Thank you mother and i would love the pencil drawing...but really any of it would be lovely. Great site

  26. It means Thank you Mother
    Love all the charm bracelets, not sure which one would be my favourite!
    Am following both @ellielucky. Can you contact via twitter.

  27. 1)I follow your lovely blog :) It means Thank you Mother.

    2) My fav item is Mummy's Personalised Charm Bracelet - Heart Medals. That is beautiful.

    3) I follow @superamazingmum and @mercimamangifts on twitter (@mummiafelice)

    Just off to tweet now. Thank you for the giveaway x

    I am @mummiafelice on Twitter, and can be contacted there :)

  28. Merci Maman means Thank you, Mother.

    My favourite item from the Merci Maman website is the Mummy's Personalised Charm Bracelet - Heart Medals (http://www.mercimaman.co.uk/catalog/mummys-personalised-charm-bracelet-heart-medals-p-24.html).

    I am following both accounts on Twitter - my username is alien_83.

    And, last but not least, I have tweeted the message.

    Thank you and fingers crossed x

  29. This comment has been removed by the author.

  30. It means Thank you mother

    I'm following the blog and have tweeted @kelliec3

    I love the personalised cushions best, but love anything personalised. I think it comes from having a non standard spelled name so you can't buy off the peg named things like your friends at the zoo when you were little :)

  31. It means Thank you Mother!

    Following the blog and twitters!

    My favourite thing on the website is the open disc medal bracelet - SO lovely!!!

    Thanks! Love the blog!!



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