Tuesday, 21 December 2010

What EVERY couple should do in the lead up to Christmas

It's 530am and my beloved woke me up about an hour ago with his snoring.  This happens frequently as I am such a light sleeper and recently have been suffering from insomnia.  I couldn't get back to sleep, so have decided to blog about a lovely tradition we have when he is not quite so annoying!!

Him at Work (formerly known as Him Indoors) and I have been together 10 years.  We have 3 adorable children aged 7,4 and 2 who are amazing but like most kids that age, very demanding.  This year I set up my own business after being made redundant and although the business is going phenomenally well if you are interested it is the hardest I have worked in my life trying to balance the home/work life and learning to try and switch off.   I was in the fortunate position last week of paying myself for the first time, an amount that I used to earn every month and fritter away on frivolities,fancies and long haul holidays.  Nowadays, it is a huge amount of money and I was super excited and proud of myself to be in that position.  It was time to shop!

Every year, HAW and I go into London for a day of shopping that always ends in cocktails at Harvey Nicks and dinner somewhere lovely.  This year, I wasn't sure we would even make it into London due to the snow but nevertheless, we were going to give it our best shot. 

Sadly, we didn't get as far as London, but after a long walk in the snow, two buses, an argument outside the train station as to where we were going to go, we finally decided on Wimbledon.  I was so disappointed as being a mere 5 miles away from us, I often venture into Wimbledon and being a traditionalist, it didn't feel quite right. 

Naturally, by this point, after a ridiculously long journey, all we could think about was food, and so headed for our usual french restaurant for a bowl of warming onion soup and some moules.  The gods must have been against us, for the restaurant was shut due to a gas explosion and so we found ourselves in a little Thai tucked away between a gastropub and aveda.   We had an amazing lunch, the food was wonderful and the wine was even better. 

We then ventured onto the high street, a bit giddy and giggly after our boozy lunch and after about 20 minutes (I) decided that it was far to crowded and that we were better of drinking cocktails.

We then spent a lovely afternoon sampling the cocktail menu of an ok-ish cocktail bar.  Harvey Nicks it wasn't but we had the best afternoon ever, full of laughs and giggles and it made me realise that we don't spend enough quality time together and that it really doesn't matter where we are, we just need to make the time for each other more often.

So lovely people of the world, remember, Cocktail bars and husbands are for life, not just for Christmas!

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Peace and Goodwill to All - Happy Christmas xxx


  1. I agree, husbands and London should be a requirement for happy marriages. We lived in London for 10 years until recently so when I needed by Big Smoke fix, we headed there for cocktails, dinner at The Bumpkin and shopping! Have a lovely Christmas.

  2. Ah sorry you didn't get to Harvey Nicks. I live in USA now but H Nicks used to be my spiritual home. Actually went there in July stayed round the corner in a dinky hotel called the The Capital....but my dream is to stay at the Mandarin Oriental and rub shoulders with Cheryl Cole lol

  3. That is so true... Alone time together enjoying each other's company is very very important. :)


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