Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Shortlisted for the fresh voice of 2010, Brilliance in Blogging!

Well, what can I say?  

For the last week or so, I have really been struggling with my blog.  I felt that compared to established bloggers, my blog just wasn't getting heard/good enough/looked pants/amusing(delete as appropriate).  However, two things have happened this week that make me think, that maybe, just maybe, I may be mildly amusing/informative/being heard.

I feel I must tell you all about my reasons to blog, I was a finalist in a national competition to win a car and was asked to blog/tweet in the final stages.  I was absolutely against this as reckoned that blogging/tweeting was  for people who didn't have a life or a personality and who hid behind an online persona.  My 7 year old had given me the alias "superamazingmum" and so thinking I would only blog/tweet for the duration of the competition, I was happy to use this name.  Well 3 months later, the competition is over (we won the car, Yipee) and I am still here.  I am hooked!!

Last week I went to the BMB Christmas Lunch, I was made to feel so welcome and had a thoroughly lovely time meeting people whom I had tweeted with and read about on their blogs.   I was gobsmacked that Christmas through the years = Part 1 was chosen to be read out at the lunch, but mortified that I had forgotten to bring it with me.   

Then, this afternoon I found out that my blog was shortlisted  Fresh Voice of 2010 - Brilliance in Blogging and my jaw literally hit the floor.  I am in a very strong category with other people who have the most visually amazing blogs with beautiful content.  I rather feel like the scruffy cousin in comparison.

My blog isn't about anything specific, I don't have a speciality, I ramble about anything and everything.  It's not eloquent or hysterically funny or even informative.  However, it seems that the scruffy cousin may just have a voice after all!!!

Thank you so much to everyone who voted for me and if you haven't and think I am worthy, please do so here Vote for Me!


  1. Well deserved!! And there is nothing scruffy about you. x

  2. Congratulations. I wish someone would tell me what my blog is 'about' I often wonder ;) I think we all wonder! You are not at all scruffy, your blog is a lovely place to visit x

  3. You have "appeal" people like what you write. Simple as that. I am so pleased for you and very proud as you are my special blogging mate!

  4. Lovely blog--fairly new discovery for me, keep up the good work, and many congratulations!


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