Saturday, 18 December 2010

Dear So and So............

Dear Snow,

I usually love you, waking up to that almost hazy purplish light, that can only mean one thing - it's snowed!

For most of my childhood, we used to get a scattering, light yet magical flakes, that if we were really lucky meant we could get out our old wooden red sledge and enjoy the frolics for hours on end.

The last few years you didn't disappoint, we struggled up to Scotland and had a magical Christmas with the extended family, we had a wonderful time in February and I almost LOVE the anarchy that reduces our great nation from a matriarch to a pathetic whimpering child.  Days off school and work an added bonus.

This year though it's different, you have cost me money sNOw joke and now you look set to spoil my Christmas as trying to be organised, I ordered the majority of my kids presents online.  Around 15% have turned up - courier companies can't give me answers.  I can't afford to buy back up presents "just in case".

I have been with him indoors for 10 years.  Every year at Christmas we always go into London  for present shopping and cocktails at Harvey Nicks.  This has become ever more special since we have had the kids, as it is a day in the busy build up to Christmas when we can have some much needed quality time together.  I seriously think we won't make it into London tomorrow due to no trains.

So Dear Snow, please do us all a favour and melt away (at least until Christmas Morning, I always wanted a white Christmas).

Yours in good faith

Superamazing Mum xx

PS If you would like to find out more about "Dear So and So" have a peek at this wonderful blog 3 Bedroom Bungalow


  1. Oh Im crossing my fingers for you for tomorrow - you deserve cocktails!

  2. Dear Sophie, you need to have a look at my post today... very familiar :) haha - great minds and all that! I hope you get your cocktails

  3. That is such a lovely tradition to have. I am going to ask my mum to have them each year I think

  4. Good luck getting to London!


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