Monday, 1 November 2010

Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens

Or so the song goes...This has been in my head all day since watching the sound of music at the weekend, and it led me to think, what are my favourite things?  This is going to be a frivolous, self-indulgent post, but I hope that you join in the spirit of this!

Here are my favourite things (in no particular order but as they appear in my head) or things that make me happy:

The smell of my utterly adorable kids when they first wake up, all sleepy and warm
Being snuggled up in bed reading a good book and listening to the sound of the rain on my attic window.
The smell of my Christmas cake baking (guess what I have been doing)
A crisp Autumn day with a slight chill in the air but with a warm sun
The smell of rain and freshly cut grass
The tradition of Christmas - I am sure every family has their own traditions, some of ours are putting new PJ's on the doorstep on Xmas Eve to wear that night, the kids coming in all excited, shouting "he's been, he's been" and the sitting on our bed to open their stockings,  Going to church en famille (usually about 20 of us, even those that don't bother the rest of the year make the effort) followed by champagne in the village pub.  The opening of tree presents - taking it in turns.
When my DH comes home from work with a bunch of flowers...just because.
Seeing my parents with my children - the bond is fantastic and makes me realise how lucky we all are
Sitting in a chuch just being with the sun streaming through a stained glass window
Watching my children sleeping, the little baby breaths and sighs make my heart melt
Eating chocolate mousse (nom nom)
When the kids cuddle you for no reason other than to say "I love you"
When all of the children are playing nicely and laughing at each other - I love seeing how their relationships are developing and growing with each other.
Going for a run in my favourite park on a cold day,beautifully crisp and clear with the mist rising of the lowland grass
Flying over London into Heathrow at night and seeing London lit up
Standing on the top of a mountain, getting ready to ski down and not quite knowing what to expect.
The hazy lazy summer days of just "being" in the garden, kids playing in the paddling pool, DH and I listening to the Ipod and watching the clouds and listening to the bees and talking nonsense
A clean house with the lingering smell of beeswax
The smell in the air that lingers after fireworks...

What things are special to you and tickle your fancy?


  1. Hi Super Amazing Mum!
    I read your blog today, and think we share a similar quirky look on life, trying to see the best that life has to offer in all situations.
    I used to be a SAHM when my kids were little, doing childminding and cleaning jobs around them and their schooling. I am now a little older and retired 2 and half years ago to become my 2nd Husbands carer, and have written a couple of blogs on retired life in a rainforest setting. I live in Tasmania Australia in a small township (100 houses) in a forestry area on the edge of a National Park.
    look forward to reading more of your blogs, you may like to check mine out too.
    cheers glenys

  2. Gavin Henson's chest... since watching this weeks strictly. I think nom nom was the phrase?

  3. Lovely post! We should all spend more time thinking of our favourite things rather than getting wound up by things that we invariably have no control over!

    My favourite things are:
    -Cuddles with my husband or son
    -The way my son runs over to me when I pick him up from nursery. He has a huge smile and out-stretched arms.
    - The look on my son's face when he latches on for a breast feed
    - Treating myself to a facial or a massage (v rare these days!)
    - spending time with good friends
    - going for walks and appreciating the countryside around me
    - a trip to the theatre or going to a gig (also v rare these days!)

    Great to think about these and spend a moment to appreciate them - thank you!

  4. I think you may have started a meme, I just read Mummysquared's post and there's a few more of us thinking of joining in!
    You've reminded me running in winter can be good too - thanks!

    Thank you for the inspiration x

  6. linky link link - you are part of this week's I heart me inspiration.

  7. Hi! Notes sent me. I have to say, it's weird reading your blog since it looks just like mine. Ha! x


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