Friday, 22 October 2010

What happened to my drinking boots??

Many a moon ago, I used to work in TV advertising.  It was a career I fell into after telling the careers advisor I "wanted to be in TV".  This was at a time when the Dani Behr fronted programme "The Word" was the epitome of cool and I wanted Dani Behr's job.   They somehow wangled me an interview at a Pan-European TV sports station and despite not knowing how to turn a computer on, I managed to blag my way into the job.  It was quite simply, the best move I could have done.

Whilst my friends were getting largered up at Uni's across the Country, I was swanning business class across Europe and dining in London's finest restaurants on never ending expense accounts.  I had a good thing going, I was earning a decent salary doing a job I loved and it seemed to love me as I progressed up the career ladder like a ferret up a pair of trousers - quickly.

We became known as the IPG's and several of us would stay out drinking to 4am - champagne, cocktails, shots, you name it, we would drink it.  We would then crash at someone's pad and get up and go to work the next day on nothing but a bacon sarnie and a builders cup of tea, feeling slightly jaded but ready to go out again in a few hours time.  I quite literally lived on champagne and canapes for a decade.

Since having the kids I have had to become more focussed on nutrition which I have embraced and the girl who lived on canapes is now not bad in the kitchen - I LOVE cooking from scratch and am self taught.  As anyone with children knows, hangovers and kids are not a good combination and so, for the last 7 years, I have gotten to the stage where I rarely drink.  

We probably share a bottle of wine a few times a week and I am usually tucked up in bed by 11pm (oh so rock and roll).  The thing I have noticed though is my tolerance to alcphol is absolutely pants.  I quite literally have 1 glass of wine and it goes to my head.  3 and I am, what I want to know is, do we all lose our drinking boots as we get older???

Please vote for an ex IPG here!


  1. Umm unfortunately I think we do lose our drinking boots, the one plus side is it means a night out/ quiet one in becomes much cheaper as we only need a fraction of the booze!
    I completely empathise with you, I remember drinking until 6am on a Saturday and going into work for 10am the Sunday morning . . . now I could have half a bottle of wine on the Friday and still suffer from the after effects on Monday morning!

  2. Rarely??? Have to say my drinking boots are still firmly in place! :-)


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