Friday, 29 October 2010

My wonderful little Pixie.....A tribute to my daughter

This time 2 years ago, I was nervous.  I had spent the day in the park with your brothers Beansy and Boo riding bikes and playing in the leaves, just in case anything went wrong with my elective CS that I was having the next day.   I wanted to have had the best possible day with my special little men.

The 30th arrived and Daddy and I set off to the hospital in preparation to deliver you.  The fact that I was pregnant at all was quite literally a miracle, as I had been told my chances of conceiving naturally were less than 2% due to PCOS, Thyroid issues and a cancer scare.

You came into the World screaming, and weighed 6lbs 14oz.  A wee little tidgy pud compared to your brothers who were 8lbs14oz and 10lbs 1oz respectively.  The minute you were in my arms, you looked at me with those big baby blue's and my heart melted.   Everyone was smitten with you and your brothers were very impressed that you had bought them lightsabers.

That first night, after Daddy and the boys went home, I sat up all night staring at the wonder of you.  Your little baby breaths and sighs tied an invisible bond from my heart to yours and I knew that our family was complete.

Since then, you have delighted us all with your quirky ways and your funny little strops and I smile to myself as I see how you have those lovely brothers of yours at your beck and call.   Daddy would move heaven and earth for you - the bond you have warms my heart to it's core.

You make me want to be a better woman, a good, strong role model, someone that you are proud to call your mum.  You mean so much to me, and as I watch you blossom from a baby to a chatty little toddler, It amuses me as I start to see myself in you.  I look forward to a lifetime of being your mother and we are truly blessed to have such a wonderful daughter.

Love you so much little Pixie xxxxxxxx


  1. Beautiful. I hope you save this page and let her read it in the future - she will be very proud.

  2. Gorgeous post. How's that competition comin on?!

  3. I have a lump in my throat.... your daughter will be so proud of you one day too

  4. gosh, crying now.
    Beautiful x


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