Saturday, 19 April 2014

Dedicated sports fan

My Beansy is sports obsessed.   He's an avid player of cricket, rugby and golf and our Sky box is full of all types of sport and the irksome Top Gear.  The other day,  I went up to bed and as always, checked on each child, kissing them goodnight and whispering "I love you" as I always do.

When I went into Beansey's room, he was surrounded by bits of paper.  Further investigation showed this:

Very detailed golf and rugby strategies.......

You have got to love his dedication!!

Peace and Love

S.A.M xoxo

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Why I haven't blogged for a long LONG time

First day of new school for the boys - 24th June 2013

When I first started my blog back in 2010, I didn't imagine that nearly 4 years later I would still be at it! My blog is an online diary of sorts, it has recorded our lives and adventures and I LOVE writing it but sometimes, life and big things get in the way.

I've always vowed I wouldn't blog about anything that could lead to the children being bullied so whilst the stories on my blog are all true, I wouldn't for one minute blog about personal emotions or trauma or use the children's real names.  This is the reason for my silence.  I have had a TOUGH year.

In June last year, I left HAW (him at work) for a number of reasons.   I never, EVER imagined that I would end up a single parent to 3 children but people and values change and I couldn't stay a second longer for my own sanity.  The children and I are now residing in a BEAUTIFUL part of the Oxfordshire countryside and all is good in our 'hood.

The views opposite our house - STUNNING!

Woodland Adventures

Yet, despite this, I have had to deal with the fallout of separating which has been incredibly hard mentally and emotionally for me.  It is akin to dealing with grief, all your hopes and dreams are crushed as you realise that the person you fell deeply, madly in love with has changed.  It was and still is at times really REALLY hard but I thank God for my health and the love and support of my children and family and friends as I come through the other side.

Yes, I am financially crippled, but it just motivates me to push on as hard as I can at my own business  in order for it to succeed.  I refuse to sit back and rely on benefits which believe you me would be a hell of a lot easier than actually trying to make a living.    I want to set a good example to my children and I am so SO grateful that I can and do work around the children.  

I've also detoxed from the computer, wasting hours sitting there pinning things, or just surfing the net.  Instead, I have refocussed on my mental and spiritual health, meditating and breathing and this has made me into a much more centred person.

Despite my lack of blogging, it hasn't meant I haven't been writing, I've kept a diary pretty much since the age of 10 and so reverted back to this, but something came to me whilst meditating and that was the need to get back at it.  I can't make you any promises as to where this blog will now go, I can't make you any promises that it will be regular.  All I do know is that I wanted to get "back at it" and with this in mind, here I am!

Did you miss me?!

Peace and Love

S.A.M xoxo

Thursday, 16 January 2014

How many people does it take to film a TV ad?

A gazillion years ago, I worked in advertising.  More specifically, the advertising sales department of various TV departments across Europe which basically meant taking advertising agency planners and buyers and of course the clients, to the poshest restaurants and winning their business with my dazzling sales pitches.   Not a bad way to earn a living!

I didn't really get involved in the creative side of advertising, although my flatmate was a creative director at one of London's largest agenices and she was always waffling on about locations, and sets and extras and storyboards.  Truth be told, I didn't really listen to her waffle as she didn't to mine.  There was always a bit of rivalry between creatives and media types as the creatives felt the media lot got all the jollies whilst they grafted yet the media lot felt the creatives got all the accolade for creating a "campaign with a buzz".  Things have changed now beyond recognition and gone are the days when it was down to the media buyer to place the client in relevant media.  Now there are specialists for specialists and it all seems rather confusing to an old ad bird like me.

You may have seen the latest Center Parcs TV commercial which focuses on #yourfamilyyourtime.  It shows the diversity of a Center Parcs break and demonstrates that you can create a holiday around YOUR family needs.  It certainly appeals to me with 3 children with varying different interests and needs, not to mention the spa for some much needed, never gotten me time!

The ad is just a mere 51 seconds long, but have a look at this  infogram to see what it actually takes to make a TV commercial:  

Center Parcs Numbers Behind TV Advert
[Image provided courtesy of Center Parcs, specialist in UK breaks]

I can't believe so much goes into making a commercial of under a minute, suddenly I can see why the creatives used to get (and probably still do) a bit miffed.

Me?  I say "one love" to you all, and I wonder if I can *still* get a booking for Nobu at 8pm, window seat?

Peace and Love

S.A.M xoxo

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

LOVING the #legochallenge

We have been asked to participate in the #legochallenge which sees Lego joining forces with Shell and its technical partner Ferrari by launching an exclusive range of six limited edition mini ferrari models that you can own for just £1.49 when you fill up with £30 or more of Shell V-power nitro unleaded and diesel fuel.

You can then participate in weekly challenges and be in with the chance of winning prizes!  Lego and a competition? Well my competitive kids were in like a shot, especially the boys who are both obsessed with cars and dream of owning a ferrari one day!

They have quite literally spent hours nay days playing with the lego, sparking their imagination as they firstly designed the jump, the stadium and adding various bits and bobs from around the house to the (in their words) ultimate jump station.  They are now in cahoots about designing a proper racing track although I'm not sure how they will do with that as the cars can only go forwards using a clever pull back mechanism.

Here's a wee video showing our #legochallenge from tart to finish, I hope you enjoy!

Peace and Love

S.A.M xoxo